Acacia honey - Hmotnosť - 950 g

Our acacia honey is made with love and care of our bees, who feed nectar of the acacia flowers. This gives it delicate and unique taste that will awaken your senses. Moreover, this honey dissolves very easily and mixes with all kinds of drinks or dishes. Whether you use it to sweeten your tea or coffee, as an ingredient in yoghurt or oatmeal, or as a spread on pastries - our acacia honey will be your reliable partner on your journey to a sweet, tired-free life.

Acacia honey 950g

Honey from our bee farm 100% Product of Slovakia

It has a light golden yellow colour with a greenish tinge. Already when you smell it, you can easily recognise the typical scent of acacia blossom.

The taste is distinctly sweet but mild, so it is a good sweetener for coffee and tea, for example, as it does not change the taste of the drink.

Acacia honey contains more fruit sugar, fructose, which causes it to crystallise more slowly. In its liquid state, it lasts for more than a year. We also refer to this honey as 'the sweetest honey', which is also taken into account when dosing it - we dose it less than other honeys.
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