Choose from our hand crafted bees products that can help you to support your immune system.

Honey with Royal Jelly 3% 250g

Royal Jelly is one of the biological stimulators, in other words, a chemical which will boost your organism. It helps with boosting an immune system, increasing performance, prevention of civilization diseases, slowing down aging and others. More >>
Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.. Product code: P00071

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Manukový med UMF 10+ (MGO 263)

Manuka honey is the only honey with granted antibacterial effects. It is really beneficial while having a sore throat, tonsilitis, strong digestion problems, stomach acid or gastric ulcer. The bigger the number of UMF, the more substances as DHA, methylglyoxal, and leptospira occur in honey. More >>
Manufacturer: Comvita Ltd.. Product code: P00015-1

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Honey with Ginger 250g

We combined our creamed rapeseed honey with ginger. More >>
Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.. Product code: P00005

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