Its color is golden-yellow with greenish shades. When you smell this honey, you will recognize a typical scent of the acacia tree. The flavour is soft and sweet, that's a reason why this honey is the best for sweetening your tea or coffee as it doesn't change the taste of the drink.

In acacia honey, we find more fructose than glucose, and that's why it crystallizes very slowly. I remains runny sometimes even longer than a year.

This honey is considered as "the sweetest one". So in comparison to other kinds of honey you can use lower amounts. 
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Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.. Product code: P00254

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Each drop of honey went from our beehives through the hands of our mum and dad, including the collection of frames from hives, honey extraction and hand filling the jars. We produce only raw honey. The sign of authenticity is its crystallization.


Honey is collected in the region of Topoľčianky.


Acacia honey is great for your coffee or tea since it doesn't change the flavour of the drink.

450 g
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