Box of cinnamon & plums yumminess and candle

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A unique combination of natural products. Our honey yumminess with cinnamon & plums and beeswax candle are the perfect combination of our homemade natural products that will delight you with their quality and uniqueness. More

Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.

Box of cinnamon & plums yumminess and a candle - one gift, two sensory experiences! Introducing a gift box that contains an extraordinary combination of traditional craftsmanship and unique taste. Two products that create the perfect harmonious experience.

Inside the box you will find our hand-cast candle made of 100% beeswax, which leaves a pleasant and delicate scent when burning. Its flame will bring a warm atmosphere and a natural piece of our family tradition into your home. The second part is our own cinnamon and plum yumminess. This is our creamy canola honey that is unique in its consistency and delicate flavor. To it we have added a pinch of cinnamon and prunes, which together create an unmistakable flavour combination.

Don't just take it as a gift - rather, it's an invitation to journey into the world of flavours and aromas that nature and our craft have to offer.


Honey yumminess cinnamon & plums 120g

Beeswax candle 7g


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