Box of cinnamon yumminess and candle

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A unique combination of natural products. Our honey yumminess with cinnamon and beeswax candle are the perfect combination of our homemade natural products that will delight you with their quality and uniqueness. More

Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.

Come into the world of natural fragrances, where honey and cinnamon form a harmonious duet and beeswax becomes the silent hero of the evening hours. In our gift box you will discover a hand-cast beeswax candle. The scent of the wax is natural, delicate and non-violent. The candle creates a cosy atmosphere and its soft light warms up any room. The second component is a unique honey yumminess with cinnamon. It's our creamy rapeseed honey that we've flavoured with cinnamon. It will delight your palate and warm your heart. Each of these products is the result of our family tradition and love of nature.


Honey yummy cinnamon 120g

Beeswax candle 7g


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