Box of ginger yumminess and candle

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A unique combination of natural products. Our honey yumminess with ginger and beeswax candle are the perfect combination of our homemade natural products that will delight you with their quality and uniqueness. More

Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.

Honey yumminess with ginger is our wonderful paste rapeseed honey, to which we have added ginger, which makes the honey pleasantly spicy. Ginger Yummy is a great companion in cold weather when you need to warm your body and soul, but also in the warmer months when you want to enjoy the wonderful combination of sweet honey and spicy ginger in a honey-ginger lemonade.

Our candles are handmade from 100% natural beeswax, which has a natural golden brown color and a wonderful honey scent. When you light it, it releases a pleasant, delicate scent that will fill your home with comfort and harmony.

This gift set is a great way to enjoy the exceptional products from our family beekeeping business, or you can give it to someone you want to gift something unique and natural.


Honey yummy ginger 120g

Beeswax candle 7g


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