In general, chestnut honey is darker than other types of honey, its colour can be characterised as dark brown to brown-black.
Its taste is unusual for honey as it is slightly bitter. Bees produce this honey from the nectar of chestnut blossoms and the honeydew of chestnut leaves.

It is also interesting because it contains a generous portion of iron, is naturally anti-inflammatory and is also beneficial for vascular problems, as it lowers cholesterol levels.
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Every drop of honey from our hives has passed through the hands of mom and dad, from removing the frames from the hive, hand-weaning them, centrifuging the honey in the honey extractor to filling them into jars.

In them you will find raw quality honey whose sign of authenticity is also crystallization.




Chestnut honey complements the flavour of goat's cheese or blue mould cheese very well.

450 g
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