In general, chestnut honey is slightly darker than other kinds of honey. Its color is darker brown or brownish-black. Its flavour is really unique since it is softly bitter.

Bees produce this honey from nectar and honeydew of chestnut trees. It is interesting, that this honey contains a lot of iron, it is naturally inflammatory, and it benefits the cardiovascular system because it decreases levels of cholesterol. 

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Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.. Product code: P00268

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Each drop of honey went from our beehives through the hands of our mum and dad, including the collection of frames from hives, honey extraction and hand filling the jars.

We produce only raw honey. The sign of authenticity is its crystallization.


Honey is collected in the region of Modrý Kameň.


It is a great complement to goat cheese or blue cheese.

950 g
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