Christmas flower honey

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Since it's Christmas, we dressed our honeys in festive clothes. More

Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.

We've styled the blossom honey with a decoration in the shape of a Christmas pastry*, giving you a subliminal clue as to how you can use it in the kitchen :)

Our bees collect nectar for this honey from small meadow flowers and sunflowers.

Flower honey contains a variety of vitamins and pollen grains with important natural substances (antioxidants, flavonoids).

Every drop of honey from our hives has passed through the hands of mom and dad, from removing the frames from the hive, hand-weaning them, centrifuging the honey in the honey extractor to filling them into jars.

In them you will find raw quality honey whose sign of authenticity is also crystallization.


We extract honey from hives in the Topolčianky area.

* the decoration is not edible.


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