We achieve the softness of the honey by slow mixing of crystalized honey. The process of creaming our honey takes us up to two days before we hand fill the jars.
Our bees collect the nectar from the rapeseed flowers.

Rapeseed honey contains a lot of vitamins and bee pollen with a lot of beneficial substances (antioxidants and flavonoids). 

In the process of creaming the honey is not heated.
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Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.. Product code: P00269

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Each drop of honey went from our beehives through the hands of our mum and dad, including the collection of frames from hives, honey extraction and hand filling the jars.

We produce only raw Slovak honey. 


We collect this honey in the region of Topoľčianky.


You can use the rapeseed honey as a spread on toast or pastries as well as for your tea. Due to its set consistency it doesn't drip or overflow.

250 g
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