Forest honey 250g

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Honeydew-nectar honey from forest plants and honeydew of beech, oak and pine trees.

It is a darker honey due to the plant dyes from the honeydew leaves and needles of the trees. It will surprise you with its distinctive and spicy taste.

Compared to purely floral honeys, forest honeys contain a greater amount of minerals, organic acids, enzymes and trace elements. More

Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.

Every drop of honey from our hives has passed through the hands of mom and dad, from removing the frames from the hive, hand-weaning them, centrifuging the honey in the honey extractor to filling them into jars.

In them you will find raw quality honey whose sign of authenticity is also the aforementioned crystallization.


We extract honey from hives in the area of Uhrovec.


Forest honey is suitable for sweetening strong black tea, its stronger flavour makes it suitable for cooking.


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