Honey cinnamon biscuits

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Our honey cinnamon biscuits are more than just ordinary biscuits. They are homemade biscuits made with our homemade honey and fragrant cinnamon. Every single bite is baked with love and care so you can enjoy every bite and moment of respite. More

Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.

We use only the highest quality ingredients in production of our honey cinnamon biscuits. Honey is not just any honey, it's honey straight from our bees and it's full of healthy stuff and irresistible sweetness. Cinnamon? Is wonderful in smell, strong in taste and amazingly rich in antioxidants. Our biscuits are baked with love and care. They are beautifully crisp, with a true and authentic honey and cinnamon flavour that is simply unforgettable. Our honey cinnamon biscuits are also great for your health, so you can enjoy every bite with no regrets.

Let yourself be carried away by the wonderful and magical taste of our honey cinnamon biscuits - because there's nothing better than indulging in life's little pleasures!


They're perfect as a quick yummy treat for yourself or your kids, a sweet treat with coffee or tea, or when you need something sweet on the go.




Flour (wheat), butter, honey, cane sugar, egg, cinnamon


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