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Na sklade

Would you like to give our mead, which we sell warm in our store or at Christmas markets as a present? Then this is it, in a hand-painted bottle in the shape of the Christmas tree. 

We can ensure you that the person who got this present will be very satisfied. This mead is amazing for any occasion or making some special mixed drinks.

Wildflower mead tastes the best when heated to 60-65°C or cooled to 10 - 12°C with a slice of lemon.


Put the mead into a small pot, heat it up, but be careful it shouldn't boil! Then add lemon to a cup, put mead in it. Then enjoy it with your friends! 


Wildflower honey, water, extract from herbs and spices, stabilized with potassium sorbate


Open bottle by rotating movements.

200 ml
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