Homemade delicious honey biscuits, full of the distinctive and fresh taste of passion fruit, which combines perfectly with the delicate, sweet honey. The combination of honey and passion fruit creates a unique taste that you simply must try. More >>
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Light and crunchy biscuits, with a pleasant fruity undertone of passion fruit and a sweet touch of honey. They have a rich yet delicate taste that is suitable for all ages. Honey passion fruit biscuits are sweet, tasty and made with natural ingredients. The honey in them gives you a natural sweetness and the passion fruit adds an exotic flavour that transports you to a tropical paradise.


They're perfect as a quick snack for yourself or your kids, a sweet treat with coffee or tea, or when you need something sweet on the go.




Flour (wheat), butter, honey, cane sugar, egg, freeze-dried passion fruit

100 g
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