Our bees collect nectar and honeydew from the linden tree. It has a characteristic scent and soft bitterish flavour.

When tasting the linden honey, you can slightly taste a little bit of peppermint. Due to its composition, linden honey crystallizes very quickly. It is caused by a bigger amount of glucose over fructose.

It helps with inflammation of bronchi, sinuses or tonsilitis.

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Each drop of honey went from our beehives through the hands of our mum and dad, including the collection of frames from hives, honey extraction and hand filling the jars. All our honey is raw. The sign of authenticity is its crystallization.


Honey is collected in the region of Devin.


Linden honey is suitable for herbal teas. When you start feeling sick, have a blocked nose or sore throat, it might help you to ease the cold symptoms.

250 g
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