Linden honey teddy 380g

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The bees collect nectar for this honey from linden flowers and also from linden honeydew. It has a distinctive aroma and a pleasant slightly bitter taste. You can even taste a slight hint of menthol in the taste of lime honey.

Due to its composition, it crystallizes relatively quickly. This is due to the fact that it contains a large amount of glucose at the expense of fructose.

Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.

Every drop of honey from our hives has passed through the hands of mom and dad, from removing the frames from the hive, hand-weaning them, centrifuging the honey in the honey extractor to filling them into jars.

In them you will find raw quality honey whose sign of authenticity is also the aforementioned crystallization.


We extract honey from hives in the Devín area.


Linden honey is recommended to sweeten herbal teas for colds and flu, it facilitates coughing, reduces fever and promotes sweating.


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