Mead Tree red

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Would you like to give the gift of that mead we have on tap in our shop or at our stalls at the Christmas markets? Well, this is it, adorned with a hand-painted bottle in the shape of a Christmas tree.

The recipient is sure to be delighted, as it is excellent for sipping on any occasion and for making mixed drinks.

Traditional flower honey mead tastes best heated to 60-65 °C or cooled to 10-12 °C with a slice of lemon. More

Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.


Pour the contents of the bottle into a saucepan of appropriate size and heat over medium heat so that the mead does not boil. Place a slice of lemon in your cup and pour the warm mead over it. Finally, drink it among friends.


Flower honey, water, extract of herbs and spices, stabilized with potassium sorbate


Pull the cap on the mead with a rocking motion.


Objem 200 ml