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Flower paste honey enriched with a blend of plant essential oils and natural menthol to support immunity and for better breathing. More

Manufacturer: Biomedica, spol. s.r.o.Product code: P00168 Shipping and Payment

When the flu season comes, fortify yourself with this honey, which will boost your immunity and make you breathe better. It has been great for us for stuffy noses, which it can effectively relieve. Honeydew can not only help the respiratory tract, but it also helps when the vocal cords are too strained.

Thanks to cold pasteurization, all the valuable substances in honey are preserved. The product is additionally enriched with plant essential oils, a mixture of high-quality essential oils of eucalyptus, anise and natural menthol.




Flower honey paste, eucalyptus essential oils, alcohol, aniseed, menthol


Maximum daily dose: children 6-12 years 1-2 level teaspoons, adults 3 level teaspoons


At the above dosage, it is recommended to take the preparation for a maximum of 14 days. It is not intended for children under 6 years of age. Not suitable for persons sensitive to bee products!