Honey from mountain flowers, honeydew of beeches, oaks and pine trees. Mostly, it is darker honey due to the content of honeydew. You will be surprised by its distinctive and spicy flavour.

In comparison to pure wildflower honey, mountain honey contains a lot more minerals, organic acids, enzymes, and trace elements.

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Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.. Product code: P00258

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Each drop of honey went from our beehives through the hands of our mum and dad, including the collection of frames from hives, honey extraction and hand filling the jars.

We produce only raw honey. The sign of authenticity is its crystallization.


Honey is collected in the region of Uhrovec.


Mountain honey is great to sweeten your strong black tea. We like to use it for cooking for its strong flavour.

250 g
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