Candle from pure beeswax, which is hand-made and cast in the traditional way and in harmony with nature. More >>
Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.. Product code: P00087

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For each candle, we use only 100% beeswax without any additives or colorings. The knot is made of 100% cotton. When you burn the candle, you can smell only natural scents, which had aromatherapeutic effects, doesn't smoke and burns for natural amount of time. You will appreciate that these candles don't melt so much!  

Farba a vôňa medzi sviečkami sa môže mierne líšiť, záleží, aké podmienky včelám pripravila príroda pri vytváraní vosku a v akej lokalite bol úľ umiestnený. 

The color and the scent between candles can be slightly different, it depends on circumstances which nature prepared for bees and in which location are beehives placed. 



For your safety place the candle into a stand or away from combustible material.



200 g



Length: 11,3 cm

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