Propolis tincture 50ml

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Propolis tincture perfectly disinfects, destroys and limits the growth of certain bacteria, viruses, fungi. Propolis tincture should not be missing in any home medicine cabinet. More

Manufacturer: CERA MEL s.r.o.

Propolis is a natural substance created by bees from resin, wax and bee enzymes, in which up to 34 medicinal ingredients can be found. Propolis contains 50-60% resins, 10-12% essential oils and about 5% pollen. These substances have very beneficial effects on the human body. The wide spectrum of hydrocarbons, terpenoids, fatty acids, vitamins and other organic substances represent a rich community not found elsewhere in nature.

Our tincture is a supportive remedy for disinfecting the oral cavity and skin, for colds and viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract, for suppressing infections and inflammations in the oral cavity and nasopharynx, for soothing toothaches and massaging the gums in periodontal disease, and for healing non-extensive burns. It is suitable for fungal and eczematous skin diseases.

Propolis tincture is produced according to the traditional recipe, i.e. by infusing raw propolis from our beehives in medical alcohol. It is a pure bee product that does not contain any other solvents or chemical additives.

Instructions for use can be found here.


Propolis can cause an allergic reaction. If itching or swelling of the mouth or throat occurs, stop use and consult your doctor.

You can detect a propopolis allergy by rubbing your wrist on your palm. As long as the skin does not turn red within 24 hours, you can use propolis.


In our family, we have been using propolis tincture for gargling for many years as an effective remedy for sore throats, for disinfecting superficial wounds, and we drink it dripped into water to boost immunity.

It has also proven itself to us with our dog's small wounds, which heal beautifully after regular rubbing of the tincture.


How to use propolis tincture?

Propolis tincture is an effective and proven remedy against a lot of diseases:

  • all fever-inducing diseases: 30 drops 3 times a day,
  • female transition one full year before the expected transition: 1 x daily 10 drops,
  • inflammation of the male prostate gland: 3 times a day, 1 teaspoon in 0.1 l of water,
  • elevated blood pressure: 1 x daily 30 drops in the evening before going to bed,
  • inflammation of the kidneys and liver: 2 x daily 1 teaspoon in 0.1 litre of warm water, with treatment to be interrupted every 14 days and repeated until cured,
  • angina, sore throat, flu, etc.: 1 teaspoon into 0.2 litres of warm water and gargle frequently daily,
  • stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer: 1 teaspoon in 0.1 l of warm milk in the morning on an empty stomach,
  • blistering and swelling: apply propolis compresses to the affected areas,
  • for healing skin defects: rub the affected areas with the tincture,
  • aftershave: 1 teaspoon into 0,1 l of warm water,
  • infections and diseases caused by bacteria: 5 cl of tincture in ¼ litre of boiled water for rubbing,
  • respiratory problems: 2 times a week, 5 cl of tincture in ¼ l of hot water for inhalation over the solution,
  • fungal diseases of the legs and arms: rub the affected areas with the tincture,
  • toothache: place a swab soaked in tincture on the sore tooth,
  • stomach and abdominal pains: 1 teaspoon into 0.1 l of warm water for drinking,
  • 1st degree burns and blisters, old wounds, bedsores: first wash the affected areas with a decoction of burdock, then rub with the tincture,
  • hangover cure: 50 drops in 0.1 l of cold water for drinking,
  • strengthening immunity: 1 drop for each kilogram of weight, dividing the total number of drops into 3 doses during the day.

When the propolis tincture is mixed with water, a milky-coloured emulsion is formed. Protect the propolis from contact with metal. Test for allergies to propolis before use. Rub a piece of skin on the inside of your forearm. If you don't get rashes within 24 hours, you can use it with gusto. If you are taking it for a long time, take a short break.