Honey from our bee farm 100% Product of Slovakia

The creaminess of this honey is achieved by slowly stirring the slightly crystallised honey. After two days of stirring, daddy bottles the distinctly sweet creamy honey into jars. Our bees collect the nectar for this honey from the flowers of the rape.

Rapeseed honey contains many vitamins and pollen grains with important natural substances (antioxidants, flavonoids).

The honey is not heated during the pasteurisation process.
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Every drop of honey from our hives has passed through the hands of mom and dad, from removing the frames from the hive, hand-weaning them, centrifuging the honey in the honey extractor to filling them into jars.

In them you will find raw quality honey whose sign of authenticity is also crystallization.


We extract honey from hives in the Topolcianky area.


You can spread the beetroot paste honey on bread with butter, thanks to its creamy consistency it does not drip or run.

120 g

fajne tuhý ak ho nechám dobre vychladiť [na 7°C je akurát krémový, na 5°C je taký betónový, aký ho mám rád :)] more

nemá, žiadne, absolútne

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